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Nikki Charm was the petite porn princess of classic adult entertainment. The 4'11" Nikki was 100% Southern California spinner - a blonde hair, blue eyed babe fro Los Angeles with a rock hard body who banged her way thru over 50 adult films from 1984 thru 1990, including several Swedish Erotica flicks. After a stint as a contract performer for Vivid Entertainment, Nikki (her real name is Shannon Louise Evans, born on February 21, 1966) walked away from the sex film industry in 1990 and began touring the country as a feature exotic dancer. Crazy life on the road lead to troubled times for Nikki as she was arrested in October 2002 and charged with several counts of burglary and grand theft auto, which resulted in a five-year prison sentence. There are unsubstantiated reports from numerous strip club patrons who claim to have picked up Nikki and fucked her after her exotic dancing performances. Her petite size and youthful looks were both a blessing and curse. When Nikki entered the porn business Traci Lords was being prosecuted for having underage sex on film. Nikki was harassed by law enforcement because of her young appearance; however, she produced records proving her first adult movie wasn't made until after her 18th birthday. Nikki's young looks and small size gave her immediate acclaim as a agile performer who could take any man's cock and match his stamina in the bedroom. Nikki Charm had a fantastic and illustrious career in porn which culminated in her being honored in both the XRCO and Adult Video News Hall of Fame.

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